AUTISM Edition - This is Lilikin


Special Autism Awareness Edition

Lilikin the Melancholy Grey Kitten


 CNAF-logo.gifSpecial Autism Awareness Edition

 10% of each sale goes to the Canadian National Autism Foundation!

Lilikin has circulatory issues and an obsession with robots that’s recently gotten out of hand. Despite the rumoured blackness of his heart (100% unfounded, BTW), his proverbial thumbs are all green, baby. He’s way into gardening, mostly of the edible variety, much to Eleven’s appreciation, and incessantly bemoans the brief but intense growing season of Hardiness Zone 5. Lilikin likes dark rooms, warm scarves and brooding.

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Check out Lilikin's blog about robot overlords, gardening and hiding from the cold and damp.

18" from head to toe, approximately 1 lb. All branding materials are printed on recycled post-consumer waste paper with vegetable-based inks. Stuffed with polyester fiber and recycled polyethylene pellets for a heavy, droopy body that can be gently posed. Tail is elasticized and curly. Conforms to international standards for infants toys concerning construction and materials. Suitable for babies, babes and crybabies aged 0+.