AUTISM Edition - Introducing Eleven


Eleven the Small-for-his-Age Monkey

Special Autism Awareness Edition


CNAF-logo.gif Special Autism Awareness Edition

 10% of each sale goes to the Canadian National Autism Foundation!



Not to brag or anything, but Eleven was vegan before it was a thing. He’s not justhealthy. He IS health. He leaves a trail of it behind him on his walk home from the farmers’ market. You can smell it in the air when he wooshes past you on his vintage fixie. Sure, it’s a little more complicated, but it’s worth it. Just look at the results: that’s one svelte monkey.

Eleven likes animal-free gastronomy, pretentious “art”, Lilikin's prolific garden, and accessorizing. Sometimes Eleven contributes recipes and vegan philosophising toLilikin's blog, if you're into that kind of thing. You can even buy some of his culinary creations right here!

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18" from head to toe, approximately 1 lb. All branding materials are printed on recycled post-consumer waste paper with vegetable-based inks. Stuffed with polyester fiber and recycled polyethylene pellets for a heavy, droopy body that can be gently posed. Tail is elasticized and curly. Conforms to international standards for infants toys concerning construction and materials. Suitable for babies, babes and crybabies aged 0+.